Ravioli tartuffo

The food

Piedmont is the center of the Slow Food movement that started in the 1960s. It cares about sticking to old traditions where locally produced and high quality are key words. In Piedmont there are the famous wine regions of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero with fantastic restaurants offering great value meals.

Aperitivo La Casa Vola

The Wine

Piedmont has some of the world's best vineyards such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera d'Asti. There are also lesser known grapes like Arneis, Timorasso, Freisa to enjoy. The wines are often based on one grape, which means that they are grape-typical in aroma and taste. In recent years, we have seen more and more "clean" vineyards completely switch to natural pesticides.



The beautiful and charming city of Turin is the capital of Piedmont. The city's architecture, the many houses and the beautiful arcades bear witness to the wealth and prosperity of bygone times.

Hiking in the Alpes

The Alpes

The Alps lie both north and south of La Casa Vola. It is therefore relatively close and easy to plan hiking trips to mountain areas. Even skiing in winter is within reach from us.

Italian riviera

The riviera

With a two-hour drive from La Casa Vola is the Mediterranean Sea. Here we can enjoy a magnificent food culture based on seafood and of course a good swim in the ocean.